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Moving into an assisted living community doesn’t have to feel like you’re losing your freedom. Instead, it can be a great opportunity to gain independence and open your life up to new possibilities, friendships and activities.

Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community



Staying social is a key component in fighting depression in older adults.

According to the Canadian Psychological Association, the rate of depression is 3-5% in adults aged 65 and older, and that depression constitutes the most important factor associated with the risk of suicide in old age.

Group Of Happy Seniors Playing Cards Game

The Hamlets at Vernon provide many opportunities for socialization such as Men’s group, weekly church sermons, morning Hello’s, birthday parties, social teas and coffee time just to name a few.

Active Body

Activities for the Body and the Brain

Studies have shown that maintaining regular physical activity can help prevent many common diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Regular physical activity also decreases the risks of falls by improving strength, flexibility and balance.

Activities for the brain

According to the Canadian Alzheimer Society, keeping your brain active by challenging yourself with activities such as word and number puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords or memory games can help reduce your risk of dementia.

At the Hamlets at Vernon, time is taken by staff to listen to what the interests, hobbies, and needs are of our residents. We develop activities that continually strive to provide maximum quality of life while living within their abilities and interests.

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Each of our Hamlets locations, in BC and Alberta, provide a comprehensive calendar. The Hamlets at Vernon offers a wide variety of activities including live entertainment with musical guests, special entertainers, musical sing-a-longs and more.

View our Recreational Calendar here.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind and Carefree Living

Peace of mind comes with knowing the Hamlets at Vernon will provide the best professional support and medical intervention, while maintaining an optimum lifestyle. Assisted living residents have the choice of purchasing Lifestyle package options as their needs change including assistance with bathing, medications, companion services and more.

Carefree living means no more dirty dishes, no more shoveling snow, and no more housekeeping! Housekeeping services, regular linen service, and delicious home-cooked meals are served to our residents in our charming full-service dining room, are all part of the Hamlets experience.

Assisted living communities allow for you to age in place with your peers. You can rest easy knowing help is just a moment away if needed. You can spend your time doing the activities you love while not having to worry about all the responsibilities and stresses of owning and maintaining a home all on your own.

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