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Benefits of Staying Social

November 27th, 2019

Humans are naturally social creatures, and all facets of our health are affected by how social we can be. Isolation can not only  lead to depression and other mental conditions, but also result in poor physical health. There are many benefits to staying social, and the Hamlets Vernon senior living community provides plenty of socializing opportunities.

Physical Benefits

Being social has shown to have a number of positive physical health benefits. Spending time with friends, even with no physical activity, has been shown to reduce blood pressure and inflammation in your body. This can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks or other dangerous conditions. Being social while participating in Fitness activities at the Hamlets Vernon can also help with your overall physical health.

Mental and Cognitive Health Benefits

Staying social by participating in other activities such as Crib, card games, board games, sing-a-longs, book and story discussions, or any of the other countless social opportunities at The Hamlets Vernon also helps to keep your brain engaged and active. This can help to improve your mood, improve memory, reduce the risk of depression, and keeps you sharp and aware. While many of these activities can provide some of this benefit alone, when combined with, and done in a social setting, these benefits are amplified.

What about Social Media?

For many seniors, the internet and all the social media that comes with it can be a foreboding and frightening place. With all the new vocabulary to learn, the little icons to remember, and the worry about all the scams present, many seniors will choose to stay in their suites in their retirement home and never turn on a computer, smart phone, or tablet even once in their lives.

But social media really isn’t as scary as many believe. It’s an excellent tool to connect with family and keep in touch with children and grandchildren. Using something like Facebook to share pictures and send messages can make the distance between a senior and their family seem closer. Pinterest and Etsy are great sites to share ideas and creative suggestions with people from all over the internet. By creating an account and following what family members are doing, you can see what their interests are and how you can relate to those. It also might be a great place to share the vast amounts of knowledge seniors carry.

For those in long term care in Vernon, staying social provides a number of positive benefits. Take advantage of all the activities offered to find those that you enjoy, and benefit from.