Check out the Schubert Centre
January 29th, 2018

In the city of Vernon there is an amazing facility for seniors to go to and hang out with people who have similar interests and lifestyles. The Schubert Centre, located at 3505 30th Avenue, has developed into a place where seniors can join together to help each other, get help, and continue to live rich and engaging lives.

The Schubert Centre started in 1981 as a community centre for seniors. It was originally located in Vernon’s Schell House but soon outgrew the space. The need for its own facility, one that could effectively serve the senior population of Vernon, soon become evident and fundraising began. In 1984, the doors opened on their current location. Now, the 1,200 members have a place where they can join together and enjoy socializing with fellow seniors.

Programs that cater to seniors are a very important part of The Schubert Centre’s weekly schedule. One look at their busy weekly schedule shows that they hold thrift shops, dancing, pancake breakfasts, crafting, exercise sessions, and much more. There are even places to do woodworking, play shuffleboard, or enjoy some tai chi or yoga. It’s a great place for seniors to get together and stay active.

They provide other services as well. One important part of The Schubert Centre’s week is the chance to help seniors do a lot of the little things in life that have become more difficult. For example, the staff at the centre can help seniors fill out forms and complete much-needed documentation. They can also help give medical and financial information.

If you are a senior living in Vernon, going to The Schubert Centre is something that can’t be skipped. The benefits of enjoying these social activities, making new friends or reconnecting with old friends, cannot be understated. This is why The Hamlets at Vernon encourages and supports our residents to keep being active.