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Fall Hazards To Be Aware of During This Holiday Season

January 7th, 2022

Fall can be beautiful, but it can also be cold, wet, and miserable. Here are some fall hazards that we think you should be aware of.

Appropriate Dress

If you are going out, or going outdoors with a senior, please dress appropriately. Seniors can feel the cold faster than the rest of us. Make sure everyone has on appropriate layered clothing, and take along an extra jacket or two or blanket in the vehicle.


Even if there is no snow and ice, wet ground and wet leaves on the ground can be very slippery. Encourage seniors to wear appropriate footwear to give them more traction, and to keep them warm. Exercise is good for you, and we encourage it. However, we want everyone to be safe.


If you are going out walking, be mindful of icy ground. Sometimes you can’t see the ice, and even if the temperature is slightly above freezing, there may still be some ice on the ground. Be extra careful when walking with seniors outside at this time year. Remember that their bones are likely more brittle than yours.

Staying Hydrated

Make sure everyone gets enough to drink. And we mean water! One can easily get dehydrated in any weather, and when you’re having a lot of fun, you are less inclined to pay attention to yourself. Take water with you on walks, and carry extra in the vehicle. Getting enough water to drink is good for every part of the body. Also, remember that alcohol and caffeine both dehydrate you.


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