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Family and Community Within

February 28th, 2021

One might be forgiven for thinking that quarantine in an assisted living environment is drab—but the Hamlets at Vernon is a microcosm of activity—and after nearly a year of lockdown, we’ve got this down pat! Beyond the basic necessities, it’s important for an individual to have social connections, physical activity, and recreation in order to thrive. The pandemic may have put a lot on hold, but within the community of The Hamlets at Vernon, opportunities for engagement still abound.


One of the biggest challenges at the outset of the pandemic was to continue providing recreation and socialization in a safe way. We’ve adapted in many ways, and the resulting calendar of events is still as busy as ever—while mitigating the risk of COVID-19 and providing residents a safe way to have fun.


The Hamlets provides an environment that is conducive to friendships between staff and residents. A sense of rapport naturally develops between people who spend time in close proximity, and our staff strive to use this connection to keep spirits high and foster a sense of conviviality.


Meaningful connection with loved ones is vitally important for an individual’s mental wellbeing. At the height of the pandemic, video calls became the number-one way of keeping in touch. Despite some initial doubts, residents and family quickly discovered that digital meetups could indeed provide the much-needed connection with loved ones, and this continues to be the recommended manner of connecting. The Hamlets at Vernon also features visiting areas which, depending on current recommendations, can be used for family and friends to visit residents.

The Hamlets at Vernon is an assisted-living and long-term care community in Vernon, BC, Canada. Designed to take the worry out of senior retirement home living and following the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Vernon offers compassionate care in a beautiful environment.

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