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Four Ways Residential Care Differs from Home Care

September 24th, 2019

There comes a time in everyone’s life where the need for support and help becomes a reality. One choice often faced by Vernon seniors during this time is choosing between moving into a residential care home in Vernon, or opting for home care. Here are some ways these two options differ.

Living Location

The most obvious difference between residential care homes and home care options are where you or your loved one will be living. Home care has a care provider come to your home and help out, allowing you to continue to live in your own home. Residential care means that you will be moving from your home and moving into a care home.

Hours of Support

Another big difference between residential care and home care is the hours of support offered to the resident. With home care, the caregiver will only be present during certain scheduled hours. This means that should you need help or support during other hours, it may not be available. With residential homes, there is often support available at any time, meaning you will always be well cared for.

Level of Support

Residential care and home care also different in the level of support that is provided. Home care is intended for those who are still able to mostly take care of themselves, but require a small hand with meal preparation, small cleaning tasks, bathing, or medication pickup. Residential care is able to provide a higher level of service, being a better option for those who require more care.

Resident centered care in Vernon

Finally, while home care is a great option for many seniors, resident centered care in a senior living community provides many other benefits and services. This level of care provides personalization to help you stay healthy and active, provide routines for daily activities of your choosing, and enhance other areas of your intellectual, creative and spiritual health.

Residential care and home care are both excellent options, just make sure that you find a caregiver or residential care home that fits your needs and makes you happy.