Great year-round activities for seniors in Vernon
September 24th, 2018

Staying active is important for every senior. Studies have shown that seniors need to stay active to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. The simple act of getting up, doing something physical, and exercising your mind and body is something that is key to staying healthy and prolonging a vibrant and energetic life.

Unfortunately, living in Vernon, many seniors find that year-round activities are harder to come by. It’s not a challenge to wake up on a beautiful summer day and head outside for a brisk walk. But when winter has arrived and the temperatures are below zero it becomes more challenging to stay active. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for great year-round activities in Vernon.

Vernon has a vibrant and active seniors community, which means that one doesn’t need to hide in their retirement residence, wondering what to do with their days. For people looking for fitness programs that go on year-round and offer indoor exercise, the Vernon Recreation Centre, among other places, provides fitness classes designed with seniors in mind. They also have yoga classes that can help improve your balance, concentration, and relieve stress.

For people looking for more social activities, inside the Vernon Recreational Complex is the Halina Centre, a charity that is open to anyone over the age of 50. Memberships cost only $25.00 per year and they have activities such as an Autumn Social, a Sweetheart Ball, and Weekly Dances for their members. Their calendar is packed with activities occurring every day of the week.

The Schubert Centre is Vernon’s community centre catering only to seniors. Made up of mainly volunteers, the centre offers dancing twice a week all year plus a crafting space once a week. They provide a place for seniors to get together, make social connections, and have fun.

Yoga is an excellent indoor activity. Yoga can not only be an excellent source of relaxation, but provides a plethora of health benefits for seniors, included lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving flexibility and balance, and leading to better sleep. IF you have never tried Yoga before, now might be an excellent time to get started.

Seniors can also visit the Vernon Aquatic Centre and participate in some indoor swimming. Swimming is one of the best physical activities for seniors, as it is not hard on joints. There are often scheduled Senior Swim times on the pool schedule, making it an excellent option.

If you enjoy walking, then a mall is an excellent venue and alternative to the icy winter sidewalks. Walking is not only an excellent form of physical activity and exercise, but mall walking can also be a great social outing, if you are able to find like-minded individuals to join you. Just be careful to not spend too much time at the food court.

Senior living in Vernon can be a busy time, with many scheduled activities at centres and groups designed with the senior in mind. At The Hamlets at Vernon, we offer numerous activities every month to keep seniors active, healthy, and happy.