How Long Term Care Communities Can Help Seniors Overcome Social Isolation
February 26th, 2020

Years of studies and research have shown that social isolation in seniors can have a negative impact on not only the emotional and mental well-being, but also physical and cognitive well-being.

Humans are naturally social creatures, and all facets of our health are affected by how social we can be. Isolation can not only lead to depression and other mental conditions, but also result in poor physical health. Being social has shown to have a number of positive physical health benefits. Spending time with friends, even with no physical activity, has been shown to reduce blood pressure and inflammation in your body. This can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks or other dangerous conditions. Staying social also has mental and cognitive health benefits, and can help to improve your mood, improve memory, reduce the risk of depression, and keeps you sharp and aware.

So, there are many benefits to staying social.

How Do Senior Care Communities Help Seniors Overcome Social Isolation?

Long term care communities can help seniors avoid social isolation in a number of ways. First, care homes provide shared dining experiences. Having a meal in the companies of others is an inherently social experience that most people have experienced throughout their lives.

Exceptional care communities like The Hamlets also provide plenty of programs and opportunities for additional social activities. These activities range in everything from clubs and groups, music and entertainment, to exercise classes. Residents are sure to find a plethora of activities that they enjoy doing, and meet other seniors whom share similar interests and hobbies.

Of course, care communities also come with many exceptional staff. These wonderful people are also part of the regular social interactions for seniors living in a care community.

Living alone in your own home may feel like you are keeping your independence, but for many seniors, this quickly becomes lonely and isolating. Making the move to a care community is a positive and welcoming way to overcome social isolation. Living with others is always more fun than living alone, so consider making the move for you or a loved one.