How to Determine if Your Senior Parents Needs 24-Hour Nursing Care
January 28th, 2020

When is it time for 24-hour nursing care?

The decision to put your loved one into 24 hour nursing care in a Vernon nursing home can be difficult. Often, people wait until there is an emergency or crisis to make this decision, but this is often not in the best interest of your loved one. So just how do you determine when is right time for 24-hour nursing care for your senior parent? Look for these signs that it might be time.

- Trouble eating or drinking without help

- frequent dehydration or the need for constant reminders to drink and/or eat

- recent medical issues and hospitalization from things such as falls, stroke or heart attack

- bathroom incidents, or the need for assistance to use a toilet

- frequent falls or lack of balance

- leaving home or a care facility and getting lost and/or confused

- confusion at where he or she is, and what time of the day/ night it is

Many times we wait too long to start 24-hour nursing care for our loved ones, either out of denial or fear. A senior who is experiencing some of the above signs often benefits from nursing care. Not only this, but family also benefits, as the feelings of guilt can be reduced knowing that there is someone looking after your loved one, and that you do not need to be there at all hours of the day.

If your senior parent is showing signs of needing additional care, make the decision for 24-hour nursing care before a serious situation forces it upon you. There are many excellent Vernon care communities such as Hamlets Vernon that are here to take care of our important seniors.