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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much News? When to Turn It Off

August 14th, 2020

Many of us who might otherwise be news junkies are finding the news to be more and more difficult to read and listen to. We have grown tired of listening to bad news. Is there really such a thing as news fatigue?

Yes, in a word, there is. In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was bump in news watching on television as the public craved information about the developing pandemic.

However, now, many people are tired of the same old bad news. We’re tired of violence, riots, and hearing about those suffering from COVID-19. Furthermore, many individuals are having work-related difficulties or uncertainties that have already created a feeling of anxiety.

News and mood

A continuous flow of bad news affects our mood, and not for the better. It’s like being surrounded by negative people who tell you things that make you sad.

If watching or reading news makes you unhappy, then cut down on it. Watch it once a week instead of every day. Or tune in to a network or website that only gives you good news. There is still some good news in the world.

News curation

If you spend time on social media, it’s not hard to tailor your feed to show you what you want to see. You can also limit yourself to a certain type of news like local news or technology news or whatever interests you without giving you anxiety.


You can also substitute another activity for watching or reading news. Take up a hobby or write in a journal or start doing crossword or sudoku puzzles, many of which can be found for free online.

While it may be out of your control what the networks decide is newsworthy, it is in your control whether you watch it or not. If news is getting you down, consume less of it. That’s okay, and you are not alone. Many others feel the same as you do.

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