Musical Activities for Seniors

Musical Activities for Seniors

October 24th, 2017

The benefits of music are seen all around us. There’s nothing like a good song to spark some memories, make us feel better, give us a reason to get up and move, and help us bond with people who could become new friends. Music is the soundtrack to your life and it is incredibly important to keep listening once you get into a seniors home.

At The Hamlets in Vernon, we know exactly how valuable musical activities are for seniors. We offer two great programs that have been created to help seniors enjoy their lives while improving their health.

Musical Therapy

Studies from all over the world have shown how important music can be in improving the lives of people living in seniors housing. From the mental improvement, with the music stimulating parts of the brain such as memory and metal processing, to the physical improvement that comes from dancing or playing an instrument, music can improve the quality of a senior’s life.

Playing and listening to music also helps reduce stress and blood pressure. It has an overall calming effect on the listener. Drumming along with music can reduce stress and anger, as the physical action can help relieve aggression and other negative emotions.

Sing Alongs

Is there any better way to bond with new friends than to gather around a circle and belt out some of their favorite songs? This shared experience, and perhaps shared embarrassment, can lead to better social development and increased friendships. It also improves cognitive function as the person is forced to use different parts of the brain and memorize the lyrics and notes.

Vernon is going to be filled with the sound of music as The Hamlets in Vernon works to use music to improve the lives of its residents. We’re looking forward to hearing your voice when you come join us.