Senior friendly ways to get around Vernon in the winter
December 22nd, 2017

For a senior, getting from point A to point B can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. The simple act of leaving your home, getting into your car, driving to an appointment, and getting home can be much harder than it used to. When you add in the difficulties of moving on snow or ice, a trip can become downright dangerous.

In Vernon, there are a few senior-friendly options for getting around the city. No one wants to be stuck inside the retirement home every day, and having multiple options for travel is always a good thing.

The Hamlets at Vernon offer organized outings and bus trips to a variety of different places around Vernon. Some examples include going to the pub, to an exciting hockey game, and to the movies. The retirement home takes care of everything.

Another easy way to get around is Vernon public transportation. The bus runs right in front of The Hamlets at Vernon and the main connection at the Downtown Exchange can take you all over Vernon, whether that is Alexis Park or Coldstream.

For seniors in residential care, who have a disability that prevents them from riding the bus and need door-to-door service, Vernon offers the handyDart program, which is an excellent way for seniors to get around in the winter. Although it’s too late to apply for this to get a ride to a nice Christmas dinner, they are setting up times for an assessment session to determine which applicants are accepted.

For seniors ready and able to brave the cold, a nice, brisk walk might be the best way to get around downtown Vernon. The city keeps the sidewalks and roads very clear and it’s only a short walk (under 10 minutes) from our seniors housing to Jubilee or Justice Parks.

So if you’re looking for a central retirement home that can make it easy to get around Vernon in rain, snow, or shine, come and talk to one of us at The Hamlets at Vernon. We’ll show you everything we have to offer.