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Social Consideration for Widowers—Improving Social Lives

August 31st, 2020

Seniors who are widowed may wonder if it’s possible to improve their social lives and what that might look like. Here are some ideas and tips which we believe you will find useful.

Are you ready?

The first point we’d like to make is that grief has no time schedule. Don’t be pushed into things that you’re not ready for. If you want a bigger and better social life, great. But if you don’t want that, wait until you’re ready for it.


Do you need some help with grief? There are many resources available in the community. If you are with us at The Hamlets at Vernon, talk to one of the staff here. If not, a simple online search or a conversation with your family doctor can put you in touch with whatever you need to help process your grief.

You’re in demand

If you are ready for an improved social life, know that you’re in demand. Since the life expectancy of women is longer than men in the western world, as we age, there are statistically more women and fewer men. If you’re a widower looking for a better social life, you are in the catbird’s seat.

Let people know

If you’re here with us in Vernon, let us know that you want to improve your social life. We have plenty of activities for our residents. For computer-savvy individuals, there are Facebook groups devoted to widowed individuals and also by geographic location. Tell you family and friends that you want to meet some people. It’s easier to meet people if everyone you know is helping you to look.

Always practice “safe surfing” when you’re online and limit the amount of personal information you give out to strangers. But people can have healthy and rewarding social relationships at any age, and social contact is good for your health. We wholeheartedly recommend it.

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