What Is Senior Living for Couples?
October 22nd, 2020

It is not a widely known fact that many seniors’ communities offer couples the opportunity to live together. After spending a number of years together, it’s understandable that a couple may not want to live separately. Each partner might require a different level of care, but that can be accommodated in many long-term care, assisted-living, and independent-living communities. This way, a couple can enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful, social setting as they enjoy the golden years.

Socially Enriching

Fun and rewarding social interaction is the goal at the heart of many seniors’ communities. They afford opportunities for fun, recreational, social activities and events which a couple can engage in together or separately. 


If one partner requires more attentive care than the other, this can certainly be arranged. Long-term, care homes, assisted-living centres, and independent-living communities are often flexible on what level of care they are able to provide to each person. This means that a couple can enjoy all the benefits of a community without concerning themselves over care; everything is taken care of. 


The per-person cost of living in a senior community is lower when a couple stays together. It is a difficult decision to give up one’s home, and sometimes couples consider whether they should live separately so that one may keep the home while the other gets the care they need. As mentioned, flexible care is an option, and the costs of maintaining two households can become a burden both financially and emotionally. Living together is not just a viable option, but the most economical one as well.  

Senior living for couples is a practical arrangement that ensures each partner receives any needed care in a community that is suitable to both of them.

The Hamlets at Vernon is an assisted-living and long-term care community in Vernon, BC, Canada. Designed to take the worry out of senior retirement home living and following the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Vernon offers compassionate care in a beautiful environment.

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