Why Seniors Make Great Volunteers
June 24th, 2019

Seniors are the largest demographic of volunteers in Canada. According to statistics Canada, seniors aged 65 to 74 volunteer on average 231 hours annually. There are many reasons for this that help to make seniors great volunteers.

Benefits Such as Helping to Stay Active

Volunteering is an amazing way to help stay active. Depending on the scope of work, volunteering might include spending several hours on their feet, walking, and attending to physical tasks. This is an excellent way of staying physically active well also making the time meaningful. There are other benefits to volunteering, such as social interactions and feelings of pride and accomplishment.

A Lifetime of Experience

So there are a number of benefits for seniors who volunteer, but there are also some reasons of why seniors make great volunteers. First, seniors have a life-time of experience to draw upon. This experience is vital in being productive and beneficial volunteers, enhancing any organization. This can be anything from customer service, to working with children, or even hands-on skills and talents. The multitude of experiences that the senior population has are numerous.

Available Time

Another reason why many seniors make great volunteers has to do with available time. After decades of the daily work grind to raise a family and support a household, many retired seniors now have a significant amount of free time as they enjoy their retirements. What better option than to spend this free time supporting or helping out in your community?

For those in Vernon senior living, there are no better suited volunteers. If you are living in seniors homes in Vernon, consider getting out and finding an organization to volunteer for. Not only will you benefit, but you will be a great volunteer.