Why the Vernon Library is a Great Place for Seniors

Why the Vernon Library is a Great Place for Seniors

March 24th, 2019

If you are a senior living in a Vernon seniors community, you may be searching for places to go and activities to participate in. If you have never considered visiting the Vernon Library, now might be an excellent time, as it has many reasons that the trip is worth your while.

First, it is a library! If you do not read often, now is the time to pick up a book and start. Not only can books provide hours of entertainment, but they are also excellent for mental health. Studies have shown that reading can help with mental health, keeping someone cognitively sharp for longer.

Second, the library is chalk full of events and social programs. A quick look on the Vernon Library website shows upcoming events such as a board game group, Mah Jongg games, knitting circles, book clubs, magic shows and much much more.

Last, the library is an excuse to get out. Even if you love Vernon seniors living, if you are able to get up and get out, your overall well being and quality of life can improve. Getting out encourages socializing, meeting new people, and being more physically active, all important things for seniors.

The Vernon library is a great place for seniors. If you have never thought of it, or not yet had the chance to check it out, I highly recommend that you take the time soon to go visit. You may wonder why you waited for so long.