Year In Review (Covid Edition)

Year In Review (Covid Edition)

March 31st, 2021

On March 11, 2020,  The World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a Global Pandemic—and we have done our best to cope with it ever since. Although this year brought tragedy and challenges—it has also brought many reasons to take heart as humanity works together to overcome those challenges. Here’s a review of some of the past year’s events here at the Hamlets at Vernon.

This Might Take Some Getting Used To...

When the pandemic First began, the world suddenly looked like an alien place. If one did venture out, they would encounter face masks, social distancing and makeshift hand sanitizer stations suddenly crowding the entrances to buildings. It seemed an impossibility that we would become accustomed to these things that we now consider a normal part of daily life.

Together We Will Get Through This

People quickly came up with ways to bridge the social distances. The Hamlets at Vernon featured memo boards, facilitated video calls with family and friends, and hosted its fair share of window visits.

Standing Together, Apart

As the summer wore on, many programs of appreciation were started for frontline healthcare workers. It is important to acknowledge the tolls of the pandemic—not just the virus itself, but isolation and burnout as well. Programs like Healthcare Heroes help to show that we appreciate the work of these indispensable workers.

Outdoor Concerts With Local Musicians

The Hamlets tried not to let the pandemic affect the ordinary course of activities and events beyond what was necessary. Thankfully, we were still able to host a handful of outdoor concerts for the residents.

Christmas At The Hamlets

Without visits from family and loved ones, Christmas was quieter than usual at the Hamlets. But amidst the subdued festivities, there was a buzz of anticipation as the Covid-19 Vaccine approached the rollout phase.


Almost all our residents have  now been vaccinated—and the province has moved on to offering vaccinations for family members of long-term care residents. Sometimes, it seems as though this year has dragged, and other times, it seems as though it was the longest year on record. Now, we look forward to the coming year with cautious optimism. Hopefully, by the time we mark the second anniversary of the pandemic’s outbreak, the world will be Covid-free.

The Hamlets at Vernon is an assisted-living and long-term care community in Vernon, BC, Canada. Designed to take the worry out of senior retirement home living and following the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Vernon offers compassionate care in a beautiful environment.