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It is normal to be resistant to change, and this is especially true when change is being forced upon us. When the time comes to introduce a parent or parents to an assisted living community in Vernon, this can be a difficult endeavor. There may be resistance, hesitation, or even push back from the parents, but it is important to remember why now is the time for the move to an assisted living community.

For most seniors, assisted living is the best option to maintain a high quality of life that would not be possible while living on their own. Many seniors are hesitant at first, but quickly discover the enjoyment of living in an assisted living community like the Hamlets in Vernon.

You may need to wait for the right “moment” to present itself before you are able to convince a parent it is time to transition to an assisted living community. Perhaps a parent forgets to turn the stove off, or has a fall, use this as the time to introduce the notion of moving. It is important to be patient though. Unless there is a dire need for immediate assistance, do not push too hard. Rather, give gentle reminders, and use opportunities to remind them of the next step.

A common fear is that moving into assisted living communities means giving up one’s independence. However, this is not true. Many seniors are still able to live independently. To introduce a parent to this, plan a visit to the care community during a social event. This will give your parent an opportunity to talk to other residents and get a gauge on how they live and what their levels of enjoyment are.

Remember, you are introducing your parent to an assisted living community out of love and concern. It is important than that they feel comfortable, and at ease with the transition. Make sure you tell your parents exactly how it would make everyone feel knowing they were safe, and well taken care of in a proper care community. This might be the final push needed to fully introduce them to an assisted living community in Vernon.