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Keeping healthy is important at every age, but it can become much more important the older that you get. The body starts to slow down and illnesses can hit harder. This is why a good assisted living community does everything it can to promote healthy living. Here are some of the ways The Hamlets at Vernon does that.

1) Organizing activities
Staying active and keeping active is critical to maintaining health and we want to make sure that the seniors living at our assisted living facility stay moving. We offer things such as Wii Games Nights or a Walking Club, all with the focus on strengthening a senior’s heart and lungs and letting them have fun while being healthy. Music is also a healthy activity and promotes social interaction.

2) Staying safe at home
One of the biggest dangers for seniors is a fall. The older we get, the more susceptible we are to hurting ourselves when we fall. So we have to keep things tidy and organized, we have to make sure carpets aren’t going to slip, and we want the grounds outside the complex to be clean and safe to walk on. Everyone in Vernon, Kamloops, or anywhere in Canada knows how treacherous an icy walk can be.

3) Stress management
Activities keep our bodies healthy and also keep our minds healthy, too. A good assisted living facility focuses on mental health just as much as physical health. The more friends you make and the more social you are, the less stress you have. And we do all those horrible daily chores to make sure that you’re more relaxed.

4) Healthy eating
Our kitchen staff makes sure that all the meals we serve are the healthiest they can be. Seniors have different dietary needs and the food we serve reflects that.

Staying healthy is important for everyone and the staff at The Hamlets at Vernon do our best to encourage everyone living in our facility to be as healthy as they can. Come talk to one of our staff to see how we can help you.