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Providing comfort to seniors is an important role for assisted living communities in Vernon. Transitioning to Vernon nursing homes, and navigating through senior years can be a difficult prospect, and there are some ways that assisted living communities are able to provide comfort to seniors.

Showing Empathy

The number one thing that care workers can do to comfort seniors is to demonstrate and show empathy. Seniors may be feeling and experiencing many things, such as the loss of loved ones, confusion, or frustration, and being empathetic to this is very important in helping to provide comfort.


Routines are important for seniors, as it helps them to know what to look forward to, and keep on track and schedule. Providing routines in terms of events, meals and other things helps to comfort seniors in knowing that there will not be any unwanted surprises, and knowing what to expect next.

Being There For Them

It is very important that residents living in Vernon assisted living communities know that the care workers are there to support them, and will be available to help them however they can. Workers can provide comfort by being approachable, accommodating, and friendly. This goes a long way in making seniors feel more welcomed and comfortable.

A clean, comfortable living space and environment is also important to providing comfort, but ultimately it is the people providing care that can make all the difference. It is important to find a assisted living community that demonstrates these things on a daily basis, such as Hamlets Vernon.