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The thought of choosing an assisted-living community might seem daunting; there are so many things to consider! Taking a tour compounds this difficulty: while exploring a new place, you might forget to inquire about some of the factors that will influence whether you would like to live there.

Often, many of us go by our gut reaction with these sorts of decisions, based on whether or not something “feels right”—and that’s a good place to start. However, our gut is not attuned to fine details. It may help us decide whether or not we like a place, but it is not as good, for example, at helping us choose between two places that we like. Sometimes, having a more systematic approach can be useful in the decision-making process.

While we’re confident that The Hamlets at Vernon will “feel right” for you, we’ve also compiled a handy checklist to help ensure that we (or any other prospective communities) suit all your needs. By filling out this list while taking a tour, you can take note of all the important factors in your decision. There’s room to make comments on the Location, Impressions of the Community, Fellow Residents, Team Members, Services, Amenities, Medical Care, and Food. Think of it as a scavenger hunt to track down all the information that’s important to you.

Later, you can review the list, along with your initial gut instinct, to help guide you to the best-informed decision. The idea of moving into a new community shouldn’t seem overwhelming. We hope this checklist makes the first step that much easier. We even have a budget planner!

The Hamlets at Vernon is an assisted-living and long-term care community in Vernon, BC, Canada. Designed to take the worry out of senior retirement home living and following the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets at Vernon offers compassionate care in a beautiful environment.

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