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The cold and snow of a Vernon winter is not an excuse for seniors to not be physically active. Well it can be more difficult to find ways to remain active, there are options and ways for the seniors in the Vernon seniors living community to continue to be physically active throughout the winter months. Here are some suggestions.

Take up Yoga

Yoga is an excellent indoor winter activity. Yoga can not only be an excellent source of relaxation, but provides a plethora of health benefits for seniors, included lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving flexibility and balance, and leading to better sleep. IF you have never tried Yoga before, now might be an excellent time to get started.

Indoor Pools

Winter is an excellent time to visit the Vernon Aquatic Centre and participate in some indoor swimming. Swimming is one of the best physical activities for seniors, as it is not hard on joints. There are often scheduled Senior Swim times on the pool schedule, making it an excellent option.

Mall Walking

If you enjoy walking, then a mall is an excellent venue and alternative to the icy winter sidewalks. Walking is not only an excellent form of physical activity and exercise, but mall walking can also be a great social outing, if you are able to find like-minded individuals to join you. Just be careful to not spend too much time at the food court.

There are many ways to remain physically active throughout the cold winter months. Do not let the winter be an excuse, keep being active in your senior retirement home living this winter.