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Christmas in Vernon is a picture postcard come to life. No matter whether you’re at Kin Beach or up in the mountains, there’s no where you can go where it doesn’t feel like Christmastime. With the deep, crisp snow, the clear blue skies, and the evergreen trees all over, Christmas in Vernon is an amazing time of year.

For seniors, there are tons of activities to enjoy. At The Hamlets in Vernon, we know that you don’t want to be stuck inside a seniors home all the time. So here are a few things to do in Vernon that will put you in the Christmas spirit and get you out of your residential care home.

If you’ve got a car and don’t mind driving a little, SilverStar Village Centre is the place to be every afternoon. From 2 to 4 pm, leading up to Christmas Day, they’ll be holding Christmas-themed activities every afternoon. All of these activities are family-friendly, so this might be a good outing with the grandchildren – and make someone else drive, right?

Another nice drive on December 3rd, will take you to Lumby, where they’re hosting a Holiday Light Up Parade with Hot Chocolate and Hot Dogs. If you’re feeling more active, there’s free ice skating as well. This is the perfect chance to show that seniors can still get moving on the ice.

The O’Keefe Ranch is hosting a beautiful Victorian-style Christmas Tea. One big advantage is that you don’t have to travel too far. Another big advantage is the offer of freshly made Christmas cookies, fudge, and scones in the O’Keefe Mansion. You can also try an amazing selection of teas in the comfort of this beautiful building.

The Hamlets at Vernon offers tons of exciting activities for seniors and we want you to get outside and enjoy all that Vernon has to offer during Christmastime.